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How Can I Help?

Updated: May 11, 2022


I have been getting a lot of questions about the best way to support my work. So I wanted to share all the ways you can help support the Grove and grow our community.

First and foremost, subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the bell to receive notifications of new videos. Then, watch videos all the way through, and engage by liking and commenting. You can even leave the video running in another tab if you need to do something else. All of these activities contribute to the visibility of my channel on YouTube. Best of all, anyone can support me this way.

Follow me on Twitter to receive all the latest news and updates about my work. Retweet my posts to help boost my work. This is also a great way to engage with me personally as I tweet often and love to interact with listeners here.

Follow me on Reddit to receive notifications about my latest audios, and upvote my posts to help me reach a larger audience.

Listen to the Wake Up with Grace podcast and share episode links on social media. The podcast is available on Podbean, Spotify, the Apple Store, Google Play, and various other podcasting platforms.

Connect to Amazon through my Influencer link if you plan to do any shopping soon. Once you have connected to Amazon through my link, I will earn a percentage of any purchases made regardless of what you buy. So you can search for items, shop around, and do your thing - as long as you don't close your browser. In addition, you can bookmark this link and label it "Amazon" in your favorites to make it easier to remember. Again, I love this because it is easy, and anyone can support me this way.

If you're in the mood to buy something sexy, connect to Vibease through my Affiliate link. I will earn a percentage of any purchase made there. Use the code GRACESGROVE to receive a 20% discount on toy purchases through the Vibease Store. You can also buy selected audios of my work or sign up for an erotica subscription, which allows me to earn a commission. Audios available there sync up with your Vibease products for a whole new experience.

If you would like to take your support to the next level, there are various ways to support the Grove monetarily.

  • Tingles App: Sign up for Tingles Premium to watch all of my YouTube content ad free on the Tingles App for iOS or Android. This allows me to monetize content that is currently demonetized by YouTube. In addition, the annual cost is less than you would spend buying me a few cups of coffee (or paying for YouTube Premium).

  • Patreon (18+ only): I am so lucky to have such a fantastic Patreon community, and I would love for you to join us! There is a range of monthly support tiers to fit any budget, and various rewards are offered for each tier. Rewards include access to exclusive audios, monthly Q&As, and workshopping with me on audio ideas.

Of course, the best way to support me is to share my work with others. So if you love my content, be sure to let the world know! Share my video links on social media, retweet me on Twitter, upvote me on Reddit, shop through my Amazon link and Vibease link, direct people to my website, and spread the word about ASMR. Best of all, anyone can show support this way, and all it costs is a moment of your time.

I appreciate everyone's support, regardless of the form it may take. You are all special, and each person's contribution to the Grove only makes us stronger!



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