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Thank You

As we approach the holidays, I want to thank all my listeners, fellow creators, and the ASMR community.

I share a similar origin story with other ASMRtists. I started as a consumer of ASMR and eventually became a creator. I know what it’s like to inhabit both of those roles. I still have my favorite creators and go-to videos/audios, just as many of you do. I know the thrill of seeing new content drop. I also understand the disappointment when a favorite creator goes dormant.

I’ve been one of those dormant creators for the last year. I have reasons for my inactivity, as do all creators in a similar situation. Still, I know that doesn’t make it any easier on my audience. I’m sorry I’ve been silent for so long. I’ve been wrestling with a big decision and didn’t want to announce it prematurely.

Grace is retiring. I’ve inhabited that amazing character for almost seven years and enjoyed every moment. I accomplished the mission I set out with, which was to help others through difficult times, show them that they are loved (and lovable), bring comfort & tingles, and promote sex positivity for all. I’ve laughed with you, cried, and shared many beautiful emotions. I told the stories I wanted to tell.

Those stories will live on in all of you and my archive of work. I am incredibly proud of the content I’ve created over the last seven years. It will remain available on YouTube, Patreon, and other platforms for a new generation of listeners to discover. It will also still be there so that my current audience can continue to enjoy all their favorites.

I will adjust my Patreon tiers before Dec 1st, as that platform will now serve as an archive for the existing content. I won’t be providing rewards or posting new audios there or anywhere else in the foreseeable future.

I will keep Grace’s Twitter (“X”) account active. I may continue to share Spotify playlists or other content that I find interesting, as well as stay connected to the ASMR community.

Thank you again to all my amazing listeners. The Grove has been a magical place for me, just as much as I hope it was for all of you. I love each of you and wish you only the best as you move forward.

Grace ❤️

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